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Gaurav Singhvi,
VP-ICICI Securities

Gaurav Singhvi, VP of ICICI Securities, is part of 20% of the IPOs that are introduced in the market. The investment banker who currently focuses on Equity Capital Markets helps raise money for companies. Singhvi spoke about careers in investment banking and finance to a group of enthralled students at SEAL Mumbai. Singhvi's top tips to make it in the finance world: Understanding of the business, keeping yourself updated, and of course, a solid background in finance.

The highly interactive session also saw Singhvi addressing students' curiosity about junk bonds, uncertainty in commodity markets, and P-notes.

Rohan Vaidya,
AGM- Human Resources at Kalpataru

Did you know the real estate industry in India is the largest employer of manpower in the country? Rohan Vaidya, AGM - Human Resources at Kalpataru, had some some very interesting tidbits to share about career opportunities in the real estate sector in India. Mr Vaidya, a seasoned professional with more than a decade of experience in the real estate industry, spoke about the various career options open to those looking to carve a path in the industry. Vaidya advised students to take their internships seriously as it is an immense learning experience. He enlightened students about the qualities required in an HR professional and emphasised on the importance of continuous learning for one’s growth and development.

Manish Advani,
Marketing & Public Relations- Mahindra Special Services Group

You never stop learning in life. Today, more than ever it is important to continuously learn and innovate because careers require you to be multi-dimensional. Manish Advani, Head Change Management, Marketing & Public Relations for MSSG, spoke on the importance of being a student for life. He told students why they need to surround themselves with people who think differently, and the importance of having a Plan B at all times.Never say no to a meeting, and always dress well.