What is SEAL??

SEAL – Systematically Enhanced Ability to Lead

The innovative, best in – class leadership – dynamic program that leverages theory and practical simulators to systematically develop entrepreneurial abilities in you. With live projects to cross functional verticals, and a rigorous practical training across various distinct aspects of the market, you emerge a smarter, brighter professional.

At SEAL, students get trained across various departments of a company in order to plan their careers and become job ready.

Phase 1 – SEAL PREP

SEAL PREP is an intense 3 day professional program taught by the founding members of SEAL. Students here are exposed to various organizational know- hows and are trained in relevant skill sets used across different departments of a company.

Additional benefits include –

  • Online video sessions
  • 3 complimentary courses online
  • Certifications across different modules on clearing the PREP exam
  • A guaranteed paid internship on successful completion of the course
  • An opportunity to opt for SEAL CORE.

Phase 2 – SEAL CORE

Duration – 1 month

SEAL CORE is the advanced month long course that covers all topics you would come across in an IIM MBA program. With concise and precise delivery of essential topics paired with practical assignments, students get a first-hand exposure of the business world.

Additional benefits –

  • 2 guaranteed paid internships with placement on successful completion of the program.
  • Advanced app content
  • An opportunity to enroll for the SEAL ELITE

Phase 3 – SEAL ELITE

SEAL ELITE is a 3 month program consisting of live projects and start up experience. Here students get an opportunity to apply all the skill sets covered in phase one and two in order to understand the life cycle of a business. By working on floor 0 of a project, students learn:

  • Team work
  • Client/Relationship management
  • Business development
  • Explore strengths and weakness
  • Implementation and organizational strategies


This is a core for any business. Combine product flows, production techniques, financial information and human resources to deliver premium value to the customer.


Adapt and improve your company’s performance by focusing on your leadership skills ranging from man management to process management. Learn how every successful business operates with cross functional training in all departments.


Network, negotiate and sell. No business is a business until you master this art. Learn practical sales applications like developing a sales force, implementing sales techniques and art of closing a sale.


The world’s best laid plans fall flat if you don’t communicate them well. Develop communication strategies, key communication reports and block out external noise as you perfect your skills.


Get access to tips and tricks of thriving in any company. From meeting/telephone etiquette to dos and don’ts of working in a new organization, this topic is sure to take you a long way.


Personal finance, mutual funds and trading are the future of retail finance in the country. Learn from experienced minds in the market to equip yourself as you set off a career path in the world of finance.


In every field, execution is the key. Learn to operate projects across various fields by mastering project and risk management.


Sometimes a first impression is all you get. Through interview and group discussions, you can learn to put your best foot forward and stand out from the crowd.


Get a chance to execute and apply the skill sets taught in SEAL via live projects. SEALers learn by working at grass root level of a startup project consisting of REAL teams, client, projects and budgets.


It’s the most spoken language in the world. China is one of India’s largest trading partners. It only makes sense to learn basic Mandarin. And by basic, we mean enough to get you by as a budding business executive in Dragonland.


With every business shifting online, digital marketing is a key component to the success of any organization. From increasing your online reach to generating revenue online, this topic is sure to make you relevant in any field especially with a Google certificate!


Chart out your career path with the help of our in-house career counselors. Explore your strengths and weaknesses to better plan your future.


Get access to guest lectures from best minds in corporate world along with interactive Q&A sessions, interviews and placement opportunities.